Having a quinceañera and coming into womanhood is an important Latin American tradition and is something that you would want to remember and relive for years to come.  So, why not have professional videos made of your memorable day so you can do just that?  Below are packages that are currently offered. 

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[jbox color=”black” title=”Slideshow Packages – $800 each”]


This package is for those want to have a slideshow video to be shown at their quinceañera ceremony or have a slideshow  video of their quinceañera day.  The pictures (submitted by you) taken by your professional photographer, your family, friends, etc. will be used to create your memorable, spectacular slideshow video.

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Ceremonial Slideshow Package $800

  • Slideshow video of your life to be shown at your quinceañera ceremony.

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Quinceañera Day Slideshow Package $800

  • Slideshow video of your quinceañera day.

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These packages each include:

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Film 30 x 30 -2-5 min slideshow video of the quinceañeras life or day set to music (of your choice if desired).

E-Mail Link 30 x 30 -E-mail link provided to download video


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*If choosing the Ceremonial Slideshow Package photos must be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to the day of your quinceañera.

*Slideshow videos typically completed within 2-3 weeks. 



[jbox color=”black” title=”Cinematic Packages – $1,800″]


This package is for those who want a professionally edited quinceañera music video of the highlights of their quinceañera day.  All footage will be shot in HD.  If desired, you may choose the music for your video also.  Your video will be sent to you via e-mail.

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This Package Includes:

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-1 videographer


Camera Icon (Small)-1 DSLR camera

Person Icon -1 videographer

Camera Icon (Small) -1 DSLR camera

Clock -6 hours of coverage with unlimited locations.  You can add additional hours at any moment.

Multiple Music Notes (Resized) 30 x 33 -3-5 minute highlight video of your special day.  (Your choice of music if desired).

E-Mail Link 30 x 30 -E-mail link provided so that you may download your beautifully edited video and share link with family and friends.

Disk2 30 x 30 -All recorded footage of the day will be given to you on an external hard drive (provided by you) at the end of your quinceañera day.

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*External hard drive should have at least 500gb of free space available

*Quinceañera video typically completed within 4-5 weeks


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