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Park Fun & Food

So, I had a barbecue and decided to bring my Sony a6500 just to test it out to get used to it. I didn’t use any of the picture profiles.  Instead, I used Sony EOSHD Pro color settings.  Using the a6500 indoors is no big problem when it comes to seeing the screen however shooting outdoors […]

Colorado Flight!

First of all thanks for stopping by my page!  This is a video that I edited of some aerial drone footage that I shot in Denver.  Denver is very much a nature state, well at least the parts I visited, and you can see nature all around you.  In this video I was able to […]

Laguna Beach Fun: Girls & Aerial Drone Shots!

Hanging out in Laguna Beach.  Met some cool people and got some nice drone shots. For business inquires click “Contact me” in the menu bar! Get’cho music production on!  Get’cho drone on!   G-Phi    

Premiere Pro Tutorial: How to reverse you video footage and back again

Here is my 1st Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial in which I show you how to a reverse your video footage and back again. Check out my video of the Anaheim Auto Show shot using the Canon 80D to see this video reversal stutter technique in action.  Click on the title above.   Thanks for watching! […]

Anaheim Auto Show (Canon 80D)

I shot this video using my Canon 80D with the kit lens and my Glidecam HD2000.  I did all of the editing using Adobe Premiere Pro.  One thing I like about the Canon 80D is it’s auto-focus feature.  It makes it more assuring that I’ll get the clear shots that I intended to get. Enjoy   […]

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